flooring and installation solutions


Blue Monkey offers flooring and installation solutions for retail, commercial, medical, sports, venues, hospitality and residential owners. We strive to lead the way with modern techniques bringing innovation to the marketplace. With over 200 successful projects, we take pride in delivering quality installations of wood, porcelain, stone, mosaics, ceramics, slabs, decks and pavers.

epoxy floor systems


Epoxy Floor Systems are proven to deliver high performance and durability. Blue Monkey will work with you to understand your facility needs by areas and recommend the optimal floor solutions and wall systems while considering your budget, time allowance and esthetic requirements. With a wide range of base resin chemistries to choose from, you can be certain your new epoxy system will meet your immediate and long term needs. Call us for a free onsite inspection.

rooftop waterproofing


Sikalastic RoofPro is a fully reinforced liquid roof and waterproofing membrane. Our cold liquid-applied membranes combine a moisture-triggered, single component polyurethane resin with either Reemat fiberglass or polyester fleece reinforcement to create a highly conformable, self-adhering and self-terminating roofing/waterproofing membrane resistant to rainfall and ponding water within minutes of application. These products have been proven effective time and again.

concrete demolition


We offer a complete range of demolition services for partial and/or complete repair solutions. Our team will work with you to ensure safety and success with every detail of your project. Safe demolition requires proper shoring before any work begins. Our services include saw cutting, core drilling, pneumatic chipping, jack hammering, cutting corroded rebar and removing weak, delaminated and/or damaged concrete found in all types of structures. Simply put, we carefully open up slabs, walls, columns and beams.

concrete repair


Blue Monkey uses a complete range of high performance repair mortars, grouts and concrete for applications ranging from cosmetic to structural repairs. Our repair mortars and concrete systems are effective Sika® repair and protection materials, so that not only the visible signs of damage are repaired, but deterioration is addressed, extending the service life and sustainability of the entire structure.

corrosion control


Blue Monkey has mastered the art of concrete repair, corrosion inhibition, asset protection, and strengthening structural members. We bring together these combined resources in an effort to support your complete project requirements for corrosion management and asset protection. Our means and methods are performed by highly trained and certified technicians with 15+ years of experience in the industry. 

inhibitor sealers


We apply corrosion inhibitor sealers such as Sika Ferrogard 903, a new technology in corrosion inhibition that can easily be applied to the surface of existing concrete to extend the service life of reinforced concrete.

  • Protects against the harmful effects of corrosion by penetrating the surface of even the most dense concrete and diffusing to the steel to inhibit corrosion.
  • Enhances the durability of reinforced concrete.
  • Does not require concrete removal.

asset protection


We apply protective sealers such as Sikagard®-701 W, a solvent-free concentrate of silane modified siloxane emulsion. It must be diluted to form a water and chloride-ion repellent impregnation specifically formulated to seal absorbent cementitious surfaces and other masonry substrates. This product has a unique ability to decrease water and chloride intrusion and helps to reduce the danger of rebar corrosion.

  • Meets the standards of acceptability for concrete sealers established in NCHRP Report #244.
  • Enhances concrete integrity.
  • Reduces efflorescence.

cathodic protection


We employ cathodic protection with Sika® FerroGard®-675, a zinc based discrete sacrificial anode placed inside a concrete repair area in reinforced concrete structures which are corroding as a result of chloride induced corrosion. These anodes are fixed to the reinforced steel prior to the application of a concrete repair system.

  • The encasing mortar will not cause corrosion of reinforcing steel.
  • Proven technology – supported by 10+ years of development and testing.
  • Cost Effective – lowers life cycle costly repairs.

anti-corrosive primers


We protect reinforcing steel with primers such as Sika® Armatec® 1C, a cementitious, one-component, coating material with corrosion inhibitor, used as a bonding primer and for reinforcement corrosion protection.

  • Easy to mix, just add water.
  • User-friendly application
  • Excellent adhesion to mechanically prepared concrete and steel.

epoxy mortars


We form and pour special repair mortars such as Sikacrete 211 SCC Plus, a one-component, cementitious, polymer-modified, self consolidating concrete mix with an integral migrating corrosion inhibitor. 

  • Self Consolidating Concrete – Excellent placement characteristics
  • Polymer-modified
  • Integral penetrating corrosion inhibitor

carbon fiber wrap


We strengthen concrete using SikaWrap® Hex-103 C, a high strength, unidirectional carbon fiber fabric. Material is field laminated using Sikadur-300/Sikadur Hex-300 epoxy to form a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) used to strengthen structural concrete elements.

  • Used for shear, confinement, seismic or flexural strengthening
  • Versatile, can be wrapped around complex geometries
  • High S